Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create a login?

No, you can go in as a guest to make a 1 time payment, you will need the full account number as well as the billing zip code.

Do I need a new log in if I have a new account number?


Can I use the same log in we used when we were in another facility?

No, unfortunately, each account number will need a log in to access the account this is to ensure the privacy of the resident.

Can I set up my own Auto draft?

Yes you can! To ensure the correct balance is debited we do advise to set the date at least 7 days after the billing date.

Why won’t it find the account, do I need to use dashes?

No, you need to remove the dashes when inputting your Account Number but use capital letters as applicable.

If I am still having issues logging in to Bill Pay, who do I need to contact?

You can contact our customer service department at 1-800-984-8363 and they will assist you.

What are the benefits of Enrolling as opposed to making a Guest Payment?

With a guest payment you can only make a payment. Enrollment with logon access you can see additional important features such as account balance, historical payments, payment options, historical statements, etc.